About Us

Protect the Future of Knowledge

New technologies and the Internet have enabled novel and improved ways of finding, sharing and creating knowledge, both locally and across borders. This includes sharing of knowledge by direct messages, through open repositories, in cultural heritage institutions and through research networks, as well as with students through innovative and interactive means. It also covers the discovery of knowledge through techniques such as text and data mining. All of this will change if the proposed Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market is adopted by the European Union in its current version, at various levels.

Our approach

We are a group of organisations and individual educators, researchers, librarians, cultural heritage professionals, students, etc. who stand up and aim to be the ‘Voice of Knowledge’ - 'Vox scientia' - in this debate. We believe in a world where all people are able to freely exchange ideas, create, learn, and contribute to knowledge. The campaign is managed by Copyright 4 Creativity.

Our goals

  • Oppose legislation that inhibits knowledge preservation, sharing, creation and openness.
  • Amplify the voice of knowledge professionals across Europe.
  • Start a conversation around copyright that is fair for all.
  • Create easy actions for the followers to engage in the debate